What Are The Benefits Of Ear Pinning?

What Are The Benefits Of Ear Pinning?

Ear pinning, also known as ear shaping or otoplasty can shape and improve the position of your ears. This given procedure is quite common in children of less than 10 years. This is because of it in preventing them from being embarrassed and teased at school. In fact, ear pinning is a viable option for adults that are self-conscious about ears. Moreover, it improves a variety of cosmetic concerns such as balance from one ear to another.

Usually, children need one to three weeks from school to recover. For adults, a week is enough to return to work within a week. Otoplasty proves to be quite a beneficial solution for the individuals with abnormally shaped ears. The following are some serious ear problems corrected by this surgical procedure:Ear Pinning

  • Cupped ear: this is a tiny ear
  • Shell ear: In this case, you have a curve in the outer ear rim with natural fold and creases
  • Lop ear: tip of ear looks to fold down

It is true ear pinning can deliver a lot of benefits to you, both physically and emotionally.

Corrects various issues

This is a popular reason people get ear shaping procedure to improve the visual appearance of the ears. Cosmetic ear and reconstructive surgery is done to treat deformities, protruding, folded, cupped, or small ears.

Restore self-confidence

A lot of people with abnormally shaped or damaged ears usually suffer from low-esteem. Unfortunately, young children are targets of extreme bullying and are teased by other kids because of the size or shape of their ears. Fortunately, ear pinning can restore your confidence by permanently correcting the problems.

Safe procedure

Otoplasty treatments are considered to be some of the safest forms of surgery available. Adults just require a mild local anesthetic to undergo the procedure. It is advisable for young kids to use anesthesia for best results.

How it works

The aspeEar Pinningcts of the surgery vary from one person to another depending on one’s particular problem. If you have protruding ears, your doctor will perform tiny incisions behind the ears. It is necessary to trim, reshape, and remove patient’s cartilage. Other ear deformities and shape issues can be corrected by removing the cartilage or small incisions on the ear.

After the procedure is complete, you will wear a protective bandage that can remain there for at least four days. Patients are encouraged to wear a soft elastic headband to secure risk of undue pressure.