Everything You Need To Know About Quad Canes

Everything You Need To Know About Quad Canes

Canes are very important tools to old, injured, sick and even disabled persons. Walking canes are usually used to provide the user with stability during mobility. In fact, a good walking cane can help to improve your walking capabilities by providing you with balance.

Also, canes help to reduce pain and signs of weakness by essentially broadening the base of your support. The market used to have only one type of walking cane. At the moment there are two main types of canes on the market namely; the traditional cane and the quad cane.

This article will majorly focus on the quad canes. A quad cane is simply a mobility instrument that helps people in walking and mobility. Quad canes are almost the same as standard canes but they have metal bases on the bottom. Some of them come with four small bases that spread from the bottom. These bases or feet contain rubber caps that aids in slip and fall reduction to people who are unstable.

Quad canes are great for balance and stability and they are made from lightweight aluminum. Continue reading to understand more about quad canes.

Quad Cane Users

There is a set of people who can use quad canes and not everyone. Occasionally, if you after an illness or injury, you might still feel weak in your legs or unstable you should use quad canes. Weakness and instability after an injury or illness can avert you from walking normally. When you stay bedridden for quite a long period, your balance ability will be compromised.

Therefore, you will need a quad cane to remedy your situation as you regain back your normal state. In short, anyone that feels unstable after an occurrence can use quad canes for extra support and stability while walking and moving around.

Types of Quad Canes

There are two main types of quad canes on the market at the moment. These types of quad canes include the narrow-based and the wide-based quad canes. Wide based quad canes are generally larger at the base where their four legs are tightly attached. This type provides enhanced stability and support when you are walking around.

However, this type of quad canes is heavier which may make it harder for you to maneuver properly. A narrow-based quad cane has a narrower base with four legs that are firmly attached as well. With this model the user can easily maneuver with it without too much hassle since it is lighter than the other model.


One of the most common drawbacks of using a quad cane is that slows down your pace. It can be a good thing to walk slowly but also it will hinder you from doing your duties when the pace does not compromise the injury or illness. Also, at times a quad cane can easily create a tripping hazard because of its huge base. Most people accidentally kick the base since it broad thus causing more problems. However, these delimitations are nothing compared to their amazing benefits.

Buying a Quad Cane

When buying a quad cane, it is imperative to consult with your doctor or physical therapist first. They will help you to narrow down the best options for your situation. Ultimately, every person’s needs help to dictate the type of quad cane they need. Other factors to consider include the cost, size, the base, and comfortability.