Fixing The Patch And Leak In The Air Mattress In The Correct Way

Fixing The Patch And Leak In The Air Mattress In The Correct Way

Air mattresses are so prone to damages. However, this should not be a reason why you should not buy one because they have so many advantages when you have them around the house. Just make sure that when you are buying the air mattress that you get the high rated mattress in the market because that will give you a little of service before you think of purchasing a new one. The air mattress is said to be prone to damages so you have to know all the tricks possible that you can use to repair the mattress. Below are great tips of how you can fix the patches and the leaks in the air mattresses.

Find the leak


You can’t fix something that you don’t know where it is, so the first thing that you have to do is find the hole. And it’s an easy process you have to fill the air mattress with soapy water and the hole will be the one that will produce the bubbles. Another way that you can try is submerging the air balloon in water and look for the bubbles once you see them then mark the spot and then go ahead and deflate the air mattress.

Apply contact cement

Once you have identified the hole then go ahead apply cement just when doing this process be careful. What will be helpful when you are using the contact cement is you follow the bicycle repair kit that will have all the instructions that you may need. Apply the contact cement directly where you identified the hole, after applying then dab glue and then it gives it time so that it can dry off. When drying just ensure that there won’t be any movement of the air balloon that’s the only way that it will dry off properly.

Patch properly


When the cement dries off, and it does properly then the rudder patch should be applied to the hole. Just ensure after you have placed the patch in the hole you will press it so that they patch firmly placed without it having to come out anytime soon. By pressing you are trying to remove any air bubbles that might be a hindrance to the rubber patch to bond with the air balloon perfectly. Ensure that the seal will the perfectly tight from all the edges. After that inflate the air balloon and leave it for a while so that you can get to see if the seal worked and no air is coming out.